What is the Residential Hall Deal?

Who is eligible for the Residential Hall Deal?

What items can you store in the Residential Services Discount?

If I store a suitcase, can I pack things in it?

Is there a weight limit for each box size?

How can I get boxes and packing supplies?

What packaging materials do you supply?

Are poster tubes really free to store?

Can I store some of my belongings in a plastic bin?

How do I store a TV?

Can I store my things while I am studying abroad?

Can I access my stored items over the summer?

Can you store my items for just a few weeks?

How much will it cost to store my things for summer and fall?

Is there a minimum storage order?


Do I need to store with BoxCo. in order to ship?

Does BoxCo. offer international shipping?

Can I track my shipped items?

How does your shipping service compare to UPS, USPS or FedEx?

How fast is your shipping?


Can I get my storage items dropped off early?

Can I get my things picked up after finals week?

Do I need to be present at my pick-up or drop-off time?

How do I change my pick-up time?

If I cancel my reservation, will I get a refund?

Do you deliver to off-campus addresses?


Where can I get more boxes and/or tape?

How should I label my boxes and storage items?


What is BoxCo.?

What does the Reservation Fee cover?

How do I pay?

Can BoxCo. just move my stuff for me?

How do I change my contact info?

If I used BoxCo. last year, do I need to make a new account?

When will I receive my invoice?

Can I work for BoxCo. this season?

Where can I find a BoxCo. tent?

What is Northwestern Student Holdings?


What is RoomDirect?

Does RoomDirect cost anything?


What is BoxCo.’s insurance policy?

Is insurance included in the registration fee?

Can additional insurance be purchased?

How do you file a claim?

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